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No matter your experience level, Brewin' Box has the home brewing kit for you. We believe that you can have it both ways: sophisticated recipes with quality ingredients, that are EASY to brew!

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Brewin’ Box is committed to providing our home brewers’ with quality, fresh ingredients to create amazing results. We promise you success in brewing various beers with little to no experience. 
We ship faster and cheaper so that you can have your beer and enjoy it too. Our kits are made right when you order them, from hand grinding your grains to packaging your hops. We guarantee 3 day delivery from when we ship to keep our promise of quality and fresh ingredients

Our Products

Hefeweizen SMaSH Single Malt and Single Hop Brewin' Box Wheat Beer

Hefeweizen SMaSH. Simple, Crisp, & Refreshing

Hefeweizen SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop). Brew this one gallon kit easily and in less time than other recipes, giving you more time to enjoy this German Wheat Beer outdoors, as it was meant to be.

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Single Malt and Single Hop SMaSH Brew Kit

Warrior SMaSH Ale. Brew Easily with 2 Ingredients!

Warrior SMaSH Ale. The first of our Single Malt and Single Hop series. The most basic beer recipe and the easiest to brew.

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Black IPA Brewin' Box Ingredients Kit

Black IPA. Elegant, Smoky, Dank.

Our Flagship Black IPA. Enough Said.

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All of our home brewing kits are unique recipes tailored for one gallon batches with easy-to-follow, standardized instructions.
We devote a great deal of time and effort developing our recipe-specific directions. Our small batch approach allows for a manageable and rewarding experience for home brewers who simply don’t have the time, space, energy, or experience to brew the bulky and often expensive 5+ gallon home brewing kits. 
Brewin' Box LLC

Who We Are...

There are two things that Joe and Kyle love most in this world: good beer and brewing beer. 
Run of the mill brew kits often provide vague instructions that yielded inconsistent results. So like an empty pint glass, the two saw a need, and filled it! 
Brewin’ Box was created to provide brew kits with unique recipes and easy instructions, because their goal is to make sure home brewers never have to pour out a beer again!
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For the best experience, we recommend using the Brewin’ Box Ingredients Kits alongside the Brewin’ Box Equipment Kit, which includes all of the equipment you will need to brew and bottle a great beer in one package!

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